Shirley Huller White

Grade 4: Art Education

All lessons presented here implement project and inquiry based learning strategies, and meet or exceed Massachusetts Arts Curriculum Framework standards.

Artwork presented here may NOT be reproduced in any way.

Art Lesson/Unit: Grade Level 4

Haring Heroes
Interpretation and Style: Inspired by the art of Keith Haring

Enduring Understandings:

  • Artists often create imagery of the human form by drawing from observations of real people, models such as artist manikins, or from their imaginations.
  • The artist Keith Haring communicated with a unique artistic style: creating playful, abstract, symbolic human figures with bold lines, colors or patterns.
  • Symbols are objects or images that artists sometimes create to represent a real object or an idea.

Essential Questions:

  • In what ways may you create images of the human form?
  • How may you interpret the artwork of Keith Haring and create your own style of drawing a Haring Hero design?
  • In what ways may you use symbols to help represent the characteristics of your Haring Hero?

Exemplars and Inspirations:

This lesson is inspired by the art of Keith Haring, our imaginations, and the human form.

Materials and Techniques

  • Pencils, sketchbooks or sketch paper to sketch the human form in motion, using student models or artist manikins
  • Heavy-weight paper for painting
  • Tempera paint and a variety of paint brushes
  • Heavy-weight construction paper or matte board for mounting

Language Arts Connections:

Students write about their Haring Hero: describing their hero's name, where the hero lives, and what their hero's special helpful power is. Students complete a display label that lists some of these characteristics.